The Company 

Multiverz was founded in July 2019 in Singapore as a for-profit social impact enterprise. Multiverz is a technology company focused on helping organizations and individuals adapt to rapidly evolving labor markets and climate change. The company has developed solutions that help organizations and individuals track the demand for skills, understand accelerating technologies, and prepare for the future.
Multiverz has designed an actionable futures process to help pick up signals on emerging trends and identify potential risks and opportunities. Its externship platform can help workers and students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the future. In addition, the company offers consulting services that can help organizations transition to more sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint.

The story behind the Multiverz brand

Our brand Multiverz is derived from the concept of the multiverse in quantum physics. Hugh Everett Ill is most famous for proposing his many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics in 1957 as a graduate student at Princeton University. The interpretation supports the existence of a multiverse. In this interpretation, particles can simultaneously exist in more than one possible reality. At first, Everett’s theory was met with skepticism but has since become more widely accepted. A multiverse implies infinite possibilities. This idea inspires us at Multiverz. We believe in constantly exploring new frontiers and multiple pathways to the future.

Our values and principles

Always prioritize people, planet, and purpose before profits.

Always have a bias towards action.

Obsess about clients, the future, and the planet.

Scan, orient, decide, and act with speed.

Have a beginner's mind. " In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert's, there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki

Our leaders


Randeep Sudan

Former Practice Manager for Information and Communication Technologies, World Bank
Board Director

Choy Yan Yeh

Strategic advisor at China Medical University (Taiwan, China), with prior leadership roles at RMIT and NUS
Tech Advisor

Praveen Garimella

Director Learning Platforms, Indian School of Business Hyderabad. Adjunct Professor CMU
Director of Business Ethics and Strategy

Vinny Nijhon

Formerly with Genpact Philippines, and FabIndia Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Our Advisors


Manish Jain

Former Partner KPMG, thought
leader on Financial Innovation


Marito Garcia

Former Practice Manager for
Education, World Bank

Our Specialists

Quantitative Research Specialist.
Arjun Rai Mahendra
Lead Software Engineer
Dung Le Huy
Senior Mobile Developer
Phu Hoang Phan
Senior Scrum
Tin Nguyen
Yamin Oo

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